What is a sol and the relationship between sol/s and mh/s

I do not understand sol/s.

what is their relationship to mh/s?

Well, I believe sol/s is the same as h/s.

1.000.000 h/s = 1 mh/s

So, for example, if my ETH hash rate is 70 mh/s then my ZEC hash rate will be 70 sol/s?

More something like 30MH/s to 444sols/s on 1070 only for example.

70mh/s = 7,000,000 sol/s
1sol/s = 1 h/s basically

@jimmy97one61 has a real life example. I'm just showing you what sol and h mean kind of


Since my ETH rate is known to me at 70 mh/s for the equipment I have, what would I enter here:

My watts = 800
my rate = 0.14

Ethereum and Zcash use different algorithms so there is no way of knowing your ZEC hashrate from your ETH hashrate.

You could try something like this to get your card hashrate - you are interested in the Equihash Sol/s rate https://www.nicehash.com/?p=calc

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What card/cards do you have? It'll just be easier to look through the forum for the sol conversion from MH/s or we can tell you.

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Cards I have:

2 - AMD RX 580 (8gb)
1 - AMD RX 480 (8gb)