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Hello guys,

I created an account on because I needed an address to transfer my mined coins.

This is what I get after my account is created:
Personal address to receive Zcash:

So that is my personal address they say.
If you look up that address you will see so many inactive miners and also transactions (
I was paying attention for a couple of minutes and the number of workers is always changing. I believe that some other people get trapped and they start mining without realizing that the address is not theirs.



That’s bloody brilliant. Even if you get a few noobs an hour you could get a bunch of free hash!
That address alone has received 19.64039587 ZEC.
Most looks like mining payouts. Their history on flypool shows spikes to 50kH/s, so it looks like either they or someone using that address went cloud mining. lawl. what a fun scam.

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Yes it is brilliant. Almost wish I had thought of it.
I got caught as well, but recognised my error after a day and a half
and lost an amazing 0.1 zec that I had mined
edit - lost 0.01

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see also

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You sir are a gentleman of the web, thanks for sharing this information, hope that zcash can do something about it. Maybe even google? I’ll try to search on the web where I can submit a scam site…

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I only recently started playing with crypto currency (a bit late to the party…) and in a way this was a very good learning experience

And was interesting to see the other miners and their rates on that address (on nanopool and flypool and probably others)

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