How Can We Improve as Zcash Homepage?

I am starting this topic for the community to discuss the development of website. I am not aware of any other thread on this matter, would love to be directed to older one if a similar topic already started.

My suggestion is for to be something similar to development. A website under ECC but ultimately developed by an independent team with community contribution. The first step that I can think of regarding this is by hosting the website source code on github and let community contributes to its development. cc @joshs

Since this is the front page of Zcash, we should strive to make it clear what Zcash stands for. It should also include materials related to Zcash ecosystem.

I personally think that we can start by creating two projects related to open submission of Zcash digital arts and directory of contents relevant to Zcash users.

nb: inspired by arts shared by just_zart on twitter

Also, can someone fixes the thumbnail? It really stands out, and not for the right reasons… :sweat_smile:


I am unsure if the ECC or ZF own & run the website or if either entity & or the community would/could decide to make the changes your proposing but…

I run & one of our goals is for the website to be supported by community contributions, & we currently have materials listed on the site related to Zcash users as you mentioned in the OP.

I would be very much interested in collaborating with the community to create the projects you mentioned under the ZcashZeal umbrella: “open submission of Zcash digital arts and directory of contents relevant to Zcash users.”

If this is something you would be interested in discussing further @tokidoki or anyone else, please feel free to reach back out in this thread or DM & we can get the brainstorm flowing.

I think it would be nice to have a different first 5 seconds impression that what or offers:

If these websites are visited by people knowing nothing about cryptocurrencies or blockchain, they are lost. they go away within 10 sec.

Ideally, one screen should tell with graphics and maybe one sentence what zcash is an why better than the rest. No need to be complete, that’s already covered by other existing websites…

The goal should be to convince and explain the main public in less than a 30 sec to get their attention.


It would be great if someone applied for a ZOMG grant to work on making the website as good as possible, soliciting community ideas for improving it and bug reports, and implementing/fixing things.

I think ECC runs the site and has been making improvements recently.

@elenita is there a public issue tracker for the website itself? who works on this at ECC?


ECC still runs the website, @joshs is probably the best person to contact regarding changes.

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Quick question: any thoughts onwhy are we still referring to BOOTSTRAP as ECC?

I ask b/c one of the major criticisms is Zcash is controlled by a for profit company. I have mentioned this in the past but was wondering if anyone has some input on why external messaging to the Zcash community is not modified?

Thank you kindly…

I think this is off topic.

Bootstrap is ECC owner right? is run by ECC.

Also, unrelated. I don’t care if Zcash is developed by a for-profit or a 503 (or both). I am a free to choose whatever software that I want to run.

Hi @tokidoki.

I have a perspective on this but it will take me some time to type it up and my schedule is stacked. I will respond but it may take me a few days.

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Very much appreciate it and I did not mean to take us off topic. Thank you to you both :pray:t3:

This is a really good point. I know ECC is still its own entity, owned by Bootstrap, but will ECC begin using the Bootstrap brand for its site, announcements, etc?

I think it does relate to the Zcash homepage project too, since it’s a branding question.

We don’t have any plans to change ECC. It’s owned by a 501©3 (Bootstrap) and not a for profit entity.

I don’t think it’s relevant to the question posed other than shares infrastructure.

let me ask and get back to you. :slight_smile:

We don’t have a public issue tracker at this time for

YES! We (ECC) are actively looking for feedback, recommendations, and requests for! We plan on doing some updates, soon, specifically around communicating more simply, a more direct path (or recommendation) for wallets, dovetailed documentation, and an improved information hierarchy (menu).

This is the time to give feedback!


I love the idea of community contributions too. Artist contributions excites me, and I would love to see contributors highlighted. We would need a design system to support it, so we have some work to do.

@tokidoki What thumbnail are you talking about? The website favicon?
@decentralistdan Thank you for your hard work over at Awesome!
@den You want straight forward marketing with the technology more behind the scenes, to be less intimidating, correct?
@holmesworcester That is correct, we made a few changes a ~month ago. What do you think the site needs to be “as good as possible”? :slight_smile:

re: ECCvsBootstrap: Yeah, isn’t the right site to talk about the business entities working on Zcash. However, neither should this information be hidden. Let’s see where it fits naturally.

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Hey geffen,

I don’t know if “marketing” is the right word (it has a negative connotation nowadays).
I’m convinced that people don’t read anymore and that you need to get people’s attention within a few seconds. Else, they go away. Remove as much text as possible, use graphics.

Convey the message from the user’s perspective and not from the product perspective. To elaborate on this: I think I know the basic principles of zero knowledge proofs, but my mum doesn’t and doesn’t need to. She needs to know it’s private and no one else but her, the sender and a potential chosen third party can see about the transaction. I love the Swiss account analogy, everyone can refer to this.
zcash is like your own Swiss bank account.

When we have people’s interest, they’ll dig more by themselves if the slope is not too steep.

When I visit some other project pages and try to understand what this particular blockchain project is about, only one thing comes to my mind: “WTF?!? didn’t get a thing out of this!”

Just trying to share what I see everyday :slight_smile:

I tried to follow this when I had that little comic strip made: