What will happen with the taddress when NU5 get activated?

I am glad that a get to know more about Zcash, I have been in the crypto space for more than 5 years, last May 4 I start digging in the world of ZEC thru the free2z Platform and I loved the concept! Start to read a lot more about the whole Ecosytem and as a content creator published an article about Zcash Governance but one doubt last in my head related to taddress when the Network Upgrade 5 (NU5) will be activated:

What will happen with the taddresses when the upgrade get activated on May 31, 2022?

This will be a complementary answer to add in my content on free2z.cash as it will help enlighten people with the same question as me!

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Transparent addresses will continue to function as they currently do after NU5 activates. The main thing that affects transparent wallets is that people will be able to send v5 transactions to them (and should do so, as v5 transactions fix the txid malleability problem), so wallets will need to know how to parse the v5 transaction format.


Great thank you for this! I will add this answer to my article so more people can know this and continue to be a significant learning part of the Zcash ecosystem.
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