Zcash 5.0.0

ICYMI: ECC released latest version of zcashd: 5.0.0 that includes orchard payment protocol which activates new shielded pool at the end of this month.

I just want to thank ECC engineers for all their hard work.

Let’s get together to congratulate them on releasing massive upgrade to Zcash. :blue_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::black_heart::heart:

This is an inflection point for Zcash to become digital money for the world in years to come.




Is there a Windows 5.0.0 build? I would like to volunteer to spin up a new full node for this upgrade

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Depending on your windows system there are a couple of options.


Or cross compiling from an Ubuntu 20.04 system and moving that binary to the host windows system.

With clouds now supporting windows machines we hope to finish off the last mile of testing to maybe provide these via chocolaty.


Congratulations !

quick question about hodlers who have taddress on trezor hard wallet .
will the new unified address affect anything in that wallet ? or should they do anything before activation ?

Existing transparent addresses will continue to work after NU5, and are not affected by UAs. Where UAs will become relevant to Trezor users is when shielded Zcash support lands in Trezor, at which point it will likely provide the ability to generate an Orchard + transparent UA (it will necessarily produce UAs anyway because Orchard addresses are encoded as UAs).


Thank you very much for the prompt reply .

Congratulations one more time and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thank you!! This is awesome


Congratulations, ECC team, for this milestone, and kudos for the innovation, vision, and years of hard work that brought it to fruition!

I’m impressed by how you built such a complex cryptographic system to the highest standards of specification, implementation and auditing; and I’m giddy about the possibilities it opens for new capabilities in Zcash and its ecosystem.


Congratulations!!! :+1::+1::+1:

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So exciting! Congrats all!