When Zondax Ledger Integration into Zecwallet Lite?

On 19 Dec Zondax posted a blogpost about Zcash Ledger app they built and demonstrated at ZCON3 in Las Vegas this year.


The live demo showed a complete Zcash Ledger app integration with unshielded and shielded addresses in Zecwallet Lite. We are looking forward to collaborating with ZecWallet to merge our changes upstream and help the Foundation to initiate a submission to Ledger. Moreover, we are discussing further collaboration areas such as maintaining this project in the long term, adding Orchard support, and strengthening daily interaction with different stakeholders in the Zcash ecosystem.

Can anyone from the Foundation give an update on the Zcash Ledger integration? Is the Zecwallet integration going ahead? What efforts are being made to integrate the Zcash Ledger app into Ledger?

I also want to bring to attention that Zecwallet seems to not be in active development or maintained. There are over 70 open issues in both adityapk00s repo and in Zcash Foundations repo that no one has responded to.