Where does the 0.0001 tx fee go?

I am lost i am looking for verification of where the 0.0001 tx fee goes when doing a transaction
We have mined some blocks on our small pool using z-nomp received the rewards and sold some to market and I do not see the tx fee come back to the miner is it supposed to go back to the miners? or have I misunderstood what the fee is?

fee is paid to the block miner, in the block that that the transaction is included.

I think understand how it works now… but in the blocks we mined there are 12 transactions with fees and not one of the fees have been paid to the block finder address.

My thinking must be wrong is there some sort of threshold before it is paid out?

Here is the total payout during the new block:12.5040206 2.5 for founders 10.0040206 paid to block finder is it possible that the 0040206 are the mining fees if so they were paid at the same time as block reward there are no other inbound transactions to the finder address after the reward.

Yes exactly e.g. see here which was an empty block so just the 12.5 ZEC block reward which was split with 10 to the miner and 2.5 on the founders reward. Transactions - Zchain

So the 0.0040206 in the case above were indeed the fees.

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Thank you for helping me understand this :slight_smile: one other question will there be any other fees paid to the miner for tx fees or are the blocks filled at the payout time. I guess what i am getting at will there be any more transactions within that block.


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No, once a block has been mined it is immutable i.e. it never changes. Any future transactions and associated fees will be mined in future blocks.

Thank you for you help again
I was hoping it was more like a residual payment :slight_smile: