Zcash transaction fees

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Somehow related, what happens with transaction fees, are they sent to miners or they are burnt?
If they are burn was it always like that?

They are sent to miners.

(There is Zcash Posterity Fund proposal going on where 40% (IIRC) of the fees would go to this fund and the rest to miners)

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Thanks for creating a new topic for me.

Why every pool and every calculator considers only 2.5 base reward then?

On explorer also only 2.5 is marked as going to miner (t1at7)

Personally I am running wtm calculator. We were considering fees as part of reward for the last couple of months but last few days the average 24h block_reward was around 7.4 up from 2.5 base.
Possible pools are not paying them or?

In that block is a transaction from transparent to orchard for almost the exact fee amount, and so it is likely that this particular block Explorer is miscalculating the fee from the orchard shielding transaction.
The same tx I allude to on a different explorer shows correct.


(Its unfortunate that this explorer will EoL at the end of the month, was my favorite)

Actually there’s 2.50015555 ZEC going to that address, so 0.00015555 was sent to the miner as transaction fees.

Which is the block subsidy (3.125) minus 20% dev fund (0.625) plus 0.00015555 of transaction fees.


Ah makes sense, thank you for confirmation.

@james_katz Got it, fees are sent, but are not increasing the reward that much.