Where To View My Balance?

I have a confirmed balance of 0.0000062, and an immature balance of 0.00001825. It is not showing in my wallet GUI. How do I see it? I’m on ZCash NiceHash pool.

Address: t1cggFQMfw6KDFaq4yn3fP28FxbJdjNWSw6

Hey Alanay
Your confirmed balance of 0.0000062 is your current NiceHash Pool balance. Once your confirmed balance is >=.01 NiceHash should send your confirmed balance to your wallet address at 1cggFQMfw6KDFaq4yn3fP28FxbJdjNWSw6. You will then be able to see it in your wallet GUI after that transaction is confirmed. Hope this explanation helps.

So they do that so they will get many inexperienced miners to contribute but then give up only benefiting themselves? That is uncool.

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