Zcash nicehash pool is a scam

Ok guys,

I think the time has come to finally uncover whats going on with Nicehash zcash pool.

I’ve been mining for a while now, still there is no FAQ on mining pool, no description of any kind.


What are those immature balance, and confirmed balance?

Its been a while now and values keep shifting back and forth, however total amount is the same which is around 0.0011

I have a feeling that pool is eating up processing power and not paying properly

My other machine is running on flypool and uppaid balance is increasing steadily. So whats the deal with that?

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I also heard payment issues about nicehash since start…good luck with that

I have been using the nicehash pool for the past day and it seems to be working OK. Balances are accruing and paying out. While there may have been a brief technical difficulty for a few minutes yesterday I view that as the developers fine tuning their application since it only has been in zcash production mode for two days.

I think they have some issues - and I’ve had 25+ sols going for 24+ hours, had confirmed balance and now the confirmed balance has reset to zero… I hope the confirmed balances haven’t been lost!

Yesterday, stratum was refusing connections (which other people have reported), but seems to have been stable in last 18 hours or so.

I am using Nicehash without any problem but when issue come to payments it makes me stumble. As when i checked on explorer there is showing balance on address but on my wallet still no balance credited.

@zij yeah, it was a bit confusing that balance set to zero, when you get payout.
But now you can track and monitor your stats over here https://goo.gl/Q8gOja
OP said stats should work properly now.
Sorry for the confusion.

They are stealing the reward.
The site is stealing mining rewards. They confirmed the payment first but after long follow up they made it demo account. I have uploaded the screenshot of their changed response. Check out their reply http://3.1m.yt/o2JpwWf.jpg

Like we already answered at Bitcointalk forum ([ANN] NiceHash.com - sell & buy hash rate cloud mining service / multipool):

I hope you do not expect us to just know where we should pay to as you did not provide the BTC address in NiceHash Miner before clicking START.

All NiceHash Miner users are well aware of the DEMO account, because it flashes right there in big red text as you click on START.

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@nailoz I suggest you work this out with @NikiNiceHash before accusing them of stealing. They seem to be answering your question here and on the bitcoin talk forums adequately, your screenshot does not show otherwise.

If your sole purpose of creating an account here is to disparage other forum members your account will be banned.

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I have sent you below email with screenshot but got this error, so I am
sending you without images this time.


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My Reply

Dear Shawn

I am from 10 days on this issue with them. First they confirmed the payment
is transferred, then they start calling it demo account. I was using
Software for mining: Windows_x64_nheqminer-5c (https://github.com/nicehash/n
heqminer/releases) which doesn’t ask any wallet address.

I was trying to add picture but it seems I can’t may be because of my new
account. I am going to reply in detail with dropbox link for all the
screenshot. Just for your reference. I am sending you one screenshot here.

I understand your situation, but I am not a mediator nor am I or Zcash Company directly affiliated with NiceHash Co. I am not in a position to help you.

If you and NiceHash Co. wish to discuss this on this open forum in a respectable manner then I simply ask that you follow the forum rules. FAQ - Zcash Community Forum

Well I see with you name “Moderator”. Well, I did not abuse someone or
place a wrong blame. I will respect you whoever you are but if you are not
related to anything even not moderator then let the ball roll itself.


There is a difference between a Mediator and a Moderator. I Moderate this forum. I do not Mediate between two parties to resolve conflicts which is what you were asking me to do.

Furthermore, your claim that they are stealing from you is the same as calling them a thief.

It is same like you felt that I want you to resolve. I never said it, never
want it nor you can do it as you are from the forum only.

I clarified you because I saw you are “Moderator” from forum and might have
concern with a new account and strong post, which you have right.

I do have right to raise my voice and aware people, I got proofs which I
shared openly. They have right to defend it if they want.


This topic has been resolved on Bitcoin Talk, there is no need to keep posting it here.