How do i see balance status. BE AWARE noob question


Just started to mine. Is there a way to see my actual current zcash balance?
I use zcash4win, but it will not show there until i get over 0.01 i think. I got that option set at flypool.


Curent zcash balance you can see on pool u r mining (in this case flypool)… zcash4win is wallet where your mined Zec will be transferred once you reach minimum pay out amount on pool… So if everything is set up correctly copy address from z4w and paste it on flypool worker status bar and you will get there…

Thank you!

I did a test transfer from zcash4win to kraken and it went well. After the transfer zcash4win moved my remaining balance to a new t’adress, i dunno why?

Thanks again!

Not really sure why but zcash4win uses 2 addresses. so next time you transfer zec it will do the same (it will transfer remaining balance to first address)…