Which GPU for mining zcash and maybe ETH?

So I’m looking at some different GPU’s trying to find the ideal and it came down to these two (I’ll mostly be mining zcash): Asus RX 480 OC 4gb = 300$
1060 3gb = 225$

Which one would be the best when taking the information listed beneath into consideration?
Does VRAM matter when mining zcash/ETH?

Now these are the price of new and remember the price on the GPU’s are from websites in my country (I live in EU) although I might be able to get them a little cheaper outside.

I already have the other parts from my old gaming rig:
Motherboard: GA-970A-UD3 (rev. 1.0/1.1) Overview | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global
Processor: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-FX-Series%20FX-4100.html
Power supply: Silver Power SP-SS500 500W PSU

I would probably buy a second GPU and go SLI if the price on the GPU is under 250$. For that I’ll just switch around the 750w I have on my primary rig with my 970 in it. Btw please feel free to suggest other GPU’s if you think it would be a better choice.

I appreciate the help guys!

Does anyone read the forums before posting
It isn’t talking about the 1060’s but it should help you make a decesion

I have actually already read that before posting and It didn’t really help me decide since that chat is about two different graphic cards.

Yes it was about Nvidia 1070’s and 1080ti but it should have given you basic information of what you need to make up your mind… you should have learned to look at the H/s of the two cards you are looking at, compare that to the price, power needs of each card, and from that YOU have the tools to make an informed decision.

I already did all that and overall they look pretty even. That’s why I wanted a third view on it and asked here. Plus I asked a second question regarding if VRAM makes a big difference when mining zcash. I’ve been trying to look around and can see that it depends on the coin and since I couldn’t find anything I asked here.