Which is the most profitable Zcash Cloud Miner?

I’m hardware mining Zclassic. Hence looking for some Zcash Cloud Miner. :wink:

Following are available in the market…

Apply due diligence before choosing one. Caveat Emptor.

The most profitable cloud mining for mining Zcash is… your own! You get better hashrate for your buck AND you get to keep the hardware. If you’re already hardware mining zclassic I suggest you do the same with zcash. Tip: You can find $175 rx 470’s that do almost 180sol/s

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QFT I am doing 240 H/s on 2 old r7 370s. If you are going to do cloud mining at all give nicehash or miningrigrentals a shot you can buy the H/s you want for shorter times to get your feet wet with it, just be sure to have a mining profit from coin warz or something similar handy and a regular calculator open and see if it appeals to you. It always strikes me as funny that something so entirely based on math (i.e. crypto currency) can attract so many people who are so bad at math.