Zcash Genesis Cloudmining

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i’m fairly new to the altcoin mining branch and was wondering whether someone would recommend or advice against mining zcash with Genesis cloud mining. I’m just looking for a good investment and need some advice in this.

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im new aswell, are they legit or scam?

They are pretty known in the community you can google them up.
I’ve registered with about 500$ worth of btc.

I’ve found this tutorial on how to do that: http://bit.ly/2dyeymd

I trust GM. There are not many cloud miner with the size of GM…

They have a decent reputation and been around a while. There are also Zeropond and Toomim both of whom are very active in the community.

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Oh okay, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where i can calculate my ROI if I were to invest 30 dollars in a 200 GH/s plan?


30 dollars for 200 gh/s?

The ‘Gold’ Starter.

That’s for bitcoin, not zcash…

Read the page thoroughly.

yes they are the most legit out there. you can get a 3% discount when you use this link Largest Cloud Bitcoin Mining Company | Genesis Mining to sign up or use this code ytx6Pg at check out. The contract are limited for Zcash fyi

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