Which software to create your own pool?


i want to operate my own stratum pool. So i need a software which translates from “getblocktemplate” to coinbase1, coinbase2, merkle_branch, Extranonce1, Extranonce2 etc, and can create a block.

I run already different altcoins… even with POS or masternode payments like DASH… I started with GitHub - zone117x/node-stratum-pool: High performance Stratum poolserver in Node.js … some things are similar to bitcoin… but there are some features missing… i try my best, but it is really hard to implement things like “coinbasetxn”… ( founders reward )… so can i just put this transaction in the coinbase… how do i get extranonces then?

so is here anybody willing to share his source code with me? ( pm. small bounty possible )

thank you

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Is there any open source pool software? i have problems with implementation ( coinbasetxn ). I need a software which translates form “zchasd getblocktemplate” to stratum protocol. Either a pool software or stratum proxy…
1 btc bounty