Which software?

I’d like to get mining zcash and it seems I’m having problems with the software. Either what’s posted is not available, it’s very old, and what I have downloaded appears to be riddled with viruses and trojans according to more than one site I submitted the binaries to.

What is the fast, efficient software for Win 64bit with Nvidia these days? One that isn’t going to show up on virus reports.


Most crypto mining software will show up as a virus because some malicious people have embedded hidden miners in webpages and downloads. So most crypto miners won’t pass Windows, Avast, Malwarebytes, etc…

That’s also not to mention that GPU mining has been abandoned for Zcash since ASICs came out and GPUs are no longer profitable.

If you have a Nvidia card I would suggest mining Ethereum since it’s still profitable and then you can trade Ether for Zcash.