What are your Zcash earnings per day?

Write it in this format:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • Sol/s Rate
  • ZEC per day

Any rigs even your laptop :slight_smile:

Intel i7 4790 x 4 => ± 85 sol/s
0.001 ZEC/day on average

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i7 4790 85sol? wow, compliments!

my i7 6700k only 30/31 sol!

hehe not just one pc :wink: I have four of those!

ahhhhhhh…hihihihih :laughing:

0.00020604 ZEC/day (increasing of about 0.00002 ZEC/day) with 1.2 H/s on Genesis
Now I’m trying to mine with cpu (i5 3570K) at ~10 Sol/s

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2x r9 290s - 60-70sols (oc @ 1050mhz)
i7 6700k - 30 sols (oc @ 4.5ghz)
2x rx 470 8gb -60 sols

using genoil 4.2 on supernova
last 24 hour i have earned around - 0.03 zec

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CPU - i5 2500k = 10 sols, i7 4790k = 15 sols
GPU - 2x HD7950 vapor-x = 45 sols, gtx 980 Ti FTW = 40 sols
Sol/s rate, not 100% sure how to check how much i’m making per 24hr either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Main Rig:
CPU - i7 4770 3.4GHz = 20 - 25 sols
GPU - XFX RX480 8GB = 20 - 25 sols (on average, can get 30 sols for a bit) x3 GPUs

For fun / bonus Sols (company laptop):
CPU - i5 4310U 2GHz = 5 - 9 sols

Total Sol rate around 100 sols

Not had a stable 24hrs yet.
Payouts set to 0.005 and i’ve had 4 payouts so far.

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i7-6700 = 30 sols
Dual Xeon 5639 12 c/22 t = 15 sols
Xeon 2.6 GHz+ 8 c/ 16 t = 15 sols

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You should get 0.001 ZEC/day with less than 10 sol/s

In your case, I estimate that with 85 sol/s you’d make at least 0.01 ZEC/day.


CPU : i5 3570K @ stock 3.4GHZ : 16 sol/s
CPU : i5 6500 @ stock 3.2GHZ : 23 sol/s
GPU : RX 470 4GB @ 1000/1785 modded : ~27 sol/s ( several cards )
Sol/s Rate : Total 730 sol/s
ZEC per day : 0.14 yesterday, changes everyday

How can y’all know the difference between cpu and gpu? Are you running two different miners on the same machine?

I am running genoil and nicehash, genoil for GPU and NiceHash for CPU, for AMD only tho.

Can’t speak for the others but I am…

Genoil for GPU
Nheq for CPU

that makes sense, ty

0.001 with 85sols. Sounds like your pool is ripping you off.

you should expect at least 10 times that. What pool are you on?

H_Bozz ive been wondering this as well
my payout on flypool was huge 2 days ago compared to now
now im making like half as much to almost a 1/3
it is really kinda strange when ur hashing goes up, as in i added more miners, my share rate and payout went down and my rewards per block halved
thought it was switching miners around but going to switch pools after this next payout

Would the difficulty rise not cause a lower payout in the same time period?
I was down $50 per month on ETH purely because of the steep difficulty rise compared to when I started.

not in 2 days and not during the slow release period as rewards should go up
i was hashing at about 500h 2 days ago making almost 2x as much as i am now at 1000h