Why does pools show less sols than my miner does?

I have now tested ZEC, ETH and SIGT - on several pools but mostly on suprnova.

Every time the pools report less than my miner does.


Zec and SIGT on suprnova ( tested sigt to see if it also showed less, perhaps the algo was the reason )

On zec: Miner shows constant 415 sols on each card, but suprnova reports 300-400 less than the 2490 reported.

Sigt: 168,6 - 168,7 mhs - suprnova reports 114 mhs to 150 mhs.

So I’m wondering - does suprnova " forget " some of my hashing power OR is it the min er that over reports?

Eighter way, i’m not getting what I though I was

The answer is in the forum somewhere if you search through it. But to give you the short answer, pools calculate your hashing power based off of how many shares you send. So it is a calculation of your hashing power. If you are getting fluctuations above and lower than your actual miner it is normal. So no worries :slight_smile:

Sorry - thought I had searched :slight_smile:
But thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Not a problem! It is not that easy to find your topic in the forum so don’t worry about.

most pools have average rate for 24hrs or more days. Look for that one.
Ignore current hashrate, since it can go up and down all the time as Blue mentioned.
Mining is not always 100% the same rate at a specific point in time.

Plujs my experience shows miners apps rates are usually more than actually is.

and some pools have sets monster difficulty by default (coinotron e.g. and correct value you get in long term time horizont…

m42orion: do you mean coinotron is better or worse than others ? :slight_smile:

I do not know, but their difficulty settings are brutal for me :slight_smile: wait for one value share 20-30 min on GTX 1060 is strange.
but on the other side you aare saving network connection :slight_smile: