Miner says 700 sols/sec, pool says 480 sols/sec - what gives?

Using suprnova pool with EWBF miner ver 0.3.4b

I have 100% efficiency according to the pool (no bad hashs).

My miner does mostly 690-720 (rarely it deeps to 660) - but the sol rate fluctuates wildly on the pool’s dashboard - sometimes it’s 240 sol/s, and sometimes it’s 1200 - but the average is 480 sol/sec, which is way too low…

Any ideas why this might happen? Any suggestions of better pools?

Fluctuations are norm. But my pool rate is almost same as my hashrate. See the average not current hashrate.

Use flypool or similar pool.

Your hashrate on the pool is just an estimate based on how many shares you’re submitting. It fluctuates a lot so no worries! If you’re getting a really low number like 20 sol/s for an extended period of time then I would worry. Otherwise the 480 is fine. I had the same question before but then I saw my miner on the pool go way higher than what I saw on my computer!