Why don't you choose Ethereum?

As the title, Ethereum Very successful,IPO+POW styles,That would be fair.
Zcash Would you choose ?

If you had a big idea and needed other peoples’ money to make it happen, would you rather deal with a small number of people who are seasoned investors, accustomed to doing their own due diligence so that they can make decisions they’re prepared to stand by or with a teaming throng of small-timers who constantly vie for your attention?

IPO/ICO Some coins,Not the development team needs the money.
Not familiar with the mining, love the way to participate in zcash, while preventing the monopoly of large-scale square。

The purpose is to allow more people to participate in, IPO, mining, different people will make a reasonable choice
My English is poor,

I agree with you, but that ship has sailed. If you want in on this tech now you can mine or buy coins on the market. What’s done is done.

I don’t agree with every decision the zcash team has made so far. I think their business decisions are a bit out of touch with the cryptocurrency community at large.

However their technical decisions have been spot on. Their project management is tight and clean. Their team is almost too good to be true. And the mathematics under Zcash is sexy as hell (that’s actually what brought me here originally).

So I’m all in.

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