ZEC and Ethereum

I read something about ZEC devs working to build something on Ethereum network.

I am wondering why?
We are paying the devs via free coins, and rather than work on our project, it seems they are workng to build on another platform that will not benefit us.

Not trying to fud here, I support ZEC and would like a bright future for it.

What am I missing?
How does this help us?
WTF is going on?

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Cheers for the link, ill have a read, enjoy your day.

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Indeed, the zclassic devs were instrumental in my getting Zcash/Zclassic running on Windows (still a nasty performance bug to fix before release!), and all that they asked in return for paying a bounty on that was that I embargo releasing my backport of the Windows zcash for a week or two.

And they are also contribution to portability fixes to libsnark, which benefits the wider community beyond just zcash/zclassic, too, as its used by people for quite a number of different things.

As @zooko pointed out elsewhere, the total size of ALL cryptocurrencies is so much smaller than the fiat money universe by orders of magnitude, so cooperation rather than cut throat competition benefits us all.


Written for just this question: Zcash + Ethereum = ♥: Why Two Blockchains Are Evolving Together - CoinDesk