Why invest in zcash if there is komodo?

Hey guys,

I am wondering if I should invest into zcash or komodo. I am considering to invest money and maybe also hasing power.

Can you please try convince me of zcash? Why should I, if there is komodo?

Komodo is a fork of zcash. So it does all that zcash does. Plus more cool stuff. It’s security is additionally somehow boosted by being connected to the bitcoin blockchain. They are doing an ICO. So will probably gain more attention and traction. And due to ICO bonus it may be easier to get invested than just trying to compete with professional miners. And if mining gets unattractive, I can just stake it.

You’re right. Komodo is vastly superior in every way. You shouldn’t invest in Zcash. Put all your money in the Komodo ICO and just ignore us.


Simply because Zcash does not need to convince anyone of anything.
Also unlike others Zcash does not need and is not trying to sell anything.
If you need to be convinced and you like ICOs and/or other scams then you probably will be better off in the shitcoin field as Tromp suggests.


Because jl777 is this guy…


Isnt Komodo’s creators fully anonymous? nicknames only?

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Because Komodo is the 497th so far unfinished project started by ji777, and Zcash has an actual verifiable team, financing and advisors that make up a significant portion of the zero knowledge space.


@tromp @bit Such shitty answers. If you don’t know why Zcash is better just STFU.

Taking into account that Komodo was at the time taking advantage of Zcash recent launch to launch their own zcash fork through an ICO and were asking for people’s money, those answers by Tromp and Bit are actually quite good.
The question should rather be: Why invest in the Komodo fork if there is Zcash?

Your answer is less shitty. But shitty still.

ZCash is actually a better than Komodo for a plethora of reasons(apparently its community is not one of them). Concretely:

  1. Better team: Zooko Wilcox and a couple of other really really smart people.
  2. Founders Reward: People often think of the founders reward as a downside. It is actually one of the things that got me to invest in ZCash. Better than an ICO and it assures the project wont be abandoned and that it is backed.
  3. Better Network

What we really need is to get better as a community and shitty answers like yours aren’t helpful. Sorry for the bluntness. But if you really think ZCash is better then spit out the reasons of why! But on contrast if you don’t really have a clue on why is it better just shut your trap.


I agree…I think that majority of the people see the founders reward as a negative thing…it is good for reasons u stated and I do believe that after the first halving / ceasing of the founders reward, we will see an even greater involvement…

We are just a baby now…once sapling goes through in 2018, we will skyrocket in price and that’s when people will see what they missed out on…

Real scientists and genius freakin cryptographers working on the best anon project out there…

Plus Issues with China going on we will see a greater adoption of anon currencies and Zcash will be at the top…

Komodo…puff!! :wink: The haters were also talking abt ZenCash, Zcl and hush being better than Zcash :joy::joy::joy: I almost threw up in my mouth when I read that…

Let the bitches cry and squabble…

Zec is King :metal: :metal:

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I dont think that we need to choose between Zcash and other forks. They are doing great stuffs too. Komodo is natural coin of SuperNet, which team created beautifull Agama Wallet, BarterDex…
Personally, i’m a big fan of Hush. I’m investing and partially mining it.
At the end of the line, dev teams of all Equihash coins are cooperate.
For example, Zcash team member @anon47418038 is lead dev in Hush.
So choosing a winning team is better option then choosin between they products.

In September 2016, Zcash had not yet launched. The original Zcash coin did not exist yet, and the community at that time was really small. Zcash was not yet released and so nobody really knew how it worked because it had no users. Yet you had Komodo promoting its ICO in this forum and on Zcash slack while at the same time using pre-release zcash source code and tech. That should say everything about Komodo and its ICO promoters. No need to say more really.

Now, even though some of its forks seem to or pretend to compete with Zcash, Zcash does not compete at all with any of them. It is a positive thing for Zcash to have so many forks, being so young, that’s a big plus. As dushan says there are also some forks like Hush that are quite friendly with zcash. Now, @phasnox your interest in the competitive advantages of Zcash against other privacy oriented coins is good for the community and it is good and encouraged that you participate on the forum and other avenues like the zcash community site by suggesting additional content or competitive studies you may be interested in.

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I will admit that last fall I was leery of the Komodo people poking around, but they are doing some really amazing things, actually. They didn’t just “pre-fork” (what DO you call it?) zcash and do their genesis first, they have a ton of stuff they have added with their notary node system and BarterDEX is in testing, which will be AMAZING for all the many bitcoin-derived coins it will allow to be traded without needing an exchange. They did XCAT transactions between komodo and bitcoin with zcash weeks or months before ZcashCo did (they also didn’t give me a heads up that they were testing XCAT with HUSH ahead of time, jl777 was just all “oh hai yeah btw we have XCAT with HUSH and btc/kmd, etc pairs”…permissionless ftw!).

And all the zcash forks that I"m aware of send patches up and down the line to and from zcash and bitcoin, at least the major forks (there are more and more of them all the time…hell, a couple of people re-forked HUSH already!).

Disclosures: No I’m not an employeee of ZECC aka ZcashCo nor SuperNET, but I do support the Komodo port to Windows on contract, and have received, and am applying for additional, grants from the Zcash Foundation. And as the Lead Dev of HUSH I do control the keys to what little remains of their pre-mine from before I arrived on the scene.

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