Should I invest in Zcash?

I recently started to invest in cryptos and now I want to diversify my portfolio, that is why I am asking the community, should one of my potential crypto should be Zcash and why?

Of course people here will tell you yes. If you want privacy, ZCash wins over everything else. It’s a good time to buy with the prices where they are.

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I was mining only – but recently bought some zcash as well 'cause of really pleasant prices (for buying). Had some cash to spend on new GPU’s – but there were no GPU’s on Russian market. Anyway RUB is going down after president elections (18 march). So I bought ZEC. Can’t say anything about future of dollar, or GBP, or Euro… but ZEC is much safer now than RUB… even if cryptomarket will continue to fall 'till ~170$/ZEC (~4.5k$/BTC).

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Cryptocurrency is not an investment vehicle. Do not ‘invest’

From the Zcash :

Zcash is experimental and a work-in-progress. Use at your own risk.

Zcash and all cryptocurrencies are new and highly volatile assets, never invest more than you can afford to lose.