Why is Dodger editing the posts of others?

Dodger should not be editing posts that are not his own. I don’t feel like this has to be explained to zcashers.

I mean sure, decorum is nice, but when am I going to get to make the Antonin Scalia School Of Law joke ever again?

I mean sure, that guy who can’t recover $25k worth of zcash is what it is,

…But you don’t edit others posts…

SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS is appropriate in some circumstances, and one of them in my valid-set is when you’ve got $25,000 of value floating in limbo. And the venue for the shouting is where the protocol developers live (and where most of the community members live).

Editing the speech of others is reasonably appropriate to the context of hate speech or coordination of violence out in the open, etc etc, other very bad intentions.

If you’re not referring to the posts that got moved from other threads then you’ll have to elaborate, idk what posts got edited. (If so then why didn’t anyone complain about Shawn doing it (who, btw, isn’t really here to do it anymore)?)

If you’re referring to me changing the title of the topic in which you nominated Prof Verret, I edited it to match the suggested format:

Having a standard format makes it easier for people to navigate and find the topics they’re interested in, particularly when we’re likely to have a bunch of people getting nominated (or self-nominated).

I have to confess that I had no idea what “ASSOL” was referring to! :man_facepalming:

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Isn’t @lawzec talking about this one? Zcash's current performance issues are frustrating - #45 by pkr

To be fair I have no idea what that even means. I have no idea what any of it means on this flashy little discourse forum. Can we go back to vBulletin?