Why none sgminer setting?

i google and there no sgminer setting??? only for x11 drkcoin wtf?

how to get right worksize intensity for rx470 rx570 and r9 270x ???

Try looking through the forum. I personally do not know about AMD’s intensity settings but I know it is somewhere in this forum :grin: good luck!

this is now front page google, someone please help

Your miner should be automatically setting the intensity based on your card. If it’s not doing that perhaps you may want to look at another miner or contact the developer of the mining software you’re using for more detailed information about how their intensity settings work.

then why claymore almost 100h/s more per card then sgminer ??

That would be a question for the developer of sgminer. Claymore appears to be the best AMD miner and EWBF for nVidia cards. Maybe someone else can chime in if they know of any particular reason they offer higher hashrate than to others, but you might find better answers hitting up their developers.