Why Others hate Zcash

So as we in a Zcash forum I found it kinda difficult to find an answer as to why people hate Zcash. I know I know “we are the new kid on the block” or “people are stupid” or “there are many people who like Zcash but never voice their opinion anywhere”

So I would like to know why do people not like Zcash. Just curious. Because no other forums or anyone really from what I can see except here really has faith in Zcash. Is it the low media precence? What do you think?

I’ve seen the ‘trusted setup’ argument been thrown around a lot.

Some people don’t trust this setup, they don’t like that it has a theoretical possibility that it has been compromised resulting in someone having the master private key. The thing is that if it was compromised, we’d never know, because of shielded transactions and balances.

I’m not sure if I understand it 100% correctly. but from what I’ve heard this is a possible reason some don’t like Zcash. I personally don’t think it really has been compromised. The Zcash team went to great lengths to prevent this.

No doubt there’s still would-be miners that refuse to come to terms with the Founder’s Reward. The best example of a coin that doesn’t fund its own development is Bitcoin - what a shameful mess. To be honest, it would only increase my confidence in the future of Zcash if the Founder’s Reward wasn’t limited to the first four years but was intended to persist for the life of the network.

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