Why Zcash mining will be unprofitable [SOLVED]

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The biggest part of ethereum miners is using 580/480/570/470 cards their hashrate will be divided at epoch 199 by two and they will jump on the more profitable coin. Difficulty will be skyrocketed and every “miners” will CRY MORE…than now.


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EDIT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1433925.msg20491019#msg20491019

In the last week or so (according to bitcointalk.org) AMD have apparently released graphics drivers on their developer portal/programme that stops this from happening.

There are plenty of coins with similar profitability of Zcash - including HUSH and Zencash - mining may move there…

Zcash has lots of unique features and functionality coming up - so why not support the currency on the Zcash forum rather than making inexperienced miners worry about their recent investment in mining hardware?

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