Will difficulty go up proportionally with block reward?

So this is the first crypto I’ve ever mined. I’ve got 3 laptops mining giving me ~20 Sol/s (they are properly cooled) and 2.2 Sol/s through cloud mining. This is quite unprofitable as everything is right now (I’ve only gotten 0.003 ZEC or $2.00). The only way I see it being profitable is if block reward goes up to 12.5 with difficulty staying lower. Any chance of that happening? Should I just give up on mining with these laptops?

Never mine on a laptop EVER… or at least remove the battery.

Most likely difficulty will go up because with GPUs its more profitable to mine ZCASH then ETH currently.

As the block reward keeps increasing everyday so will the difficulty.

Basically to mine you need a real GPU in a real computer. Forget about mining on a laptop.

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Damn, that’s what I figured. So to start mining with GPUs you just need the GPUs, RAM, and a motherboard?

And dont forget a proper power supply

lots of people mine on laptops ?

Oh right. Once I have all of that can I just plug it in to my laptop and control it from there?

You better get a display too, but yes… You can control it via Teamviewer

Wondering the same thing. I’ve got a desktop w/GPU, a laptop, and cloud mining service going for a combined 55-57 sol/s. When I look on coinwarz, it says that I will currently make around $5-6/ day based on cost of electricity and power usage. This figure isn’t abysmal but could be better. Wondering if the difficulty increase will offset the block reward once we get out of the slow phase. Will have to just recalculate then I suppose.

You didn’t mention a CPU either. As mentions a PSU too, and make sure it has all the plugs and wattage you need for your setup.

On a side note, as the block reward goes up, I believe there will be more miners or at least higher glocal H/sec so difficulty will rise with that