Windows update: transactions with a windows wallet and full node!

We have a test version of a Windows build of Zclassic that can send and receive transactions with a taddr, and receive at a zaddr, and have one remaining bug when sending from a zaddr. After that’s nailed out by the Zclassic guys and myself, I’ll be backporting the needed changes to Zcash on Windows. The biggest changes needed were to libsnark, and involved converting all of its data types to C++11 standard fixed width bit types rather than nasty, old school “long”, “unsigned long” and similar.

And getting the Swing wallet working on Windows is under way by @vaklinov, so a GUI wallet and full node on Windows is very close!


Awesome. I am looking forward to both wallets. @vaklinov if there is anything with the wallet I can help with, please let me know. Good work guys.


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I believe the ZCash GUI wallet has all the “essential features” that ZCash offers including Z addresses and private key management. The lists of known/open issues are:

The GUI wallet has windows support but it cannot be fully tested … yet.

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One feature I think it really needs is being able to click on a transaction and pull it up in a block explorer like

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Please right-click on a transaction and tell me if you like what you see :wink:

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has it been there this whole time? I was trying to double click I think!

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… since 29 Oct 2016


Since I’m on a MacBook, I often forget to “right click” on things, since there aren’t actual buttons on it! But yes, that right click menu is excellent!

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Now if only there were anything but the smallest fraction of a ZEC in my wallet… :sob:

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can i mine zclassic into my zcash wallet?

no they have separate blockchains and genesis blocks, must be in different wallets

oh damn =/ do they have any zclassic wallets out for windows?

yeah they do, I helped with the port

can you link me one please :)!

Just realize you can’t run both zcash and zclassic on the same machine at the same time, the want to use the same ports

thanks for the headsup!

yeah I unintentionally did that once, it was…not pretty

Hey does anyone know how to setup a zclassic batch file for minning with nheqminer_v0.4b im trying to mine in pool but dont believe im putting the right kind of batch fine to mine =/

please take that question to a mining topic