Word of warning of ZEC rate on http://explorer.cha.in - FIXED!

I use https://explorer.zcha.in/ quite a lot to see what current network difficulty is, USD/ZEC rate etc. But I’ve noticed that the ZEC rate is incorrect. It currently shows $71.90 USD (which would be great if it was), but the actual rate from CrptoCompare.com is $62.08. You can see at:

However, https://Explorer.zcha.in uses the CryptoCompare API of:


to get the latest USD/ZEC price - but that is returning the wrong data - so not technically the fault of Explorer.zcha.in as to why it is not showing correct rate.

I’ve reported/raised this as an issue with CryptoCompare but not sure if/when they will fix it. So if you are looking (like I was) at https://explorer.zcha.in for the latest ZEC price, don’t rely on it as it has inflated the figure by about 15% so your ZEC is worth less than you thought.

Ah… Thanks for the pointer - hadn’t come across that site before.

On the Markets tab, I noticed HitBTC having the higher USD Rate of currently $15 more than the nearest other Exchange (Poloneix) which is $61… (when traded for Bitcoin)…

Think this proves that if you want to sell, shop around!

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@zij The price is offset due to the current ZEC/BTC premium on HitBTC (which has suspended BTC withdrawals).

I’m looking into possibly changing Zchain to just show the USD rate from direct fiat exchange, haven’t found a good source yet, will update later.


Looks like the exchange rate calculations have been altered; the price displayed on Zchain should be accurate now.

Looks great to me… Thanks for the prompt fix!