Worth mining on two old GPUs (GTX 750ti & Radeon HD 6870)?

So I have these two old GPUs laying around a GTX 750ti & a Radeon HD 6870.
I would like to place them both in the same PC and get some mining out of them since electricity is pretty cheap here.
I was thinking to use the HD 6870 to mine Electroneum and the 750ti to mine bitcoin?
What do you think guys, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

The only advice I can give you is your wasting your time trying to use the 750ti to mine bitcoin that’s an ASIC dominated market you can’t use gpus for bitcoin anymore like you could back in the early 2000s…

Thank you! Any thoughts on what I could mine with the 750ti? Monero maybe?

You’re welcome… You can check out whattomine.com and input your card there with the price you pay for electricity per KWH… That should give you the best guess… But I wouldn’t expect much more then likely less than a dollar a day…