Writing letters to French Hill - The chair of the Subcommittee on Digital Assets

Hey guys!

I think we should write letters to French Hill, who is the chair of the Subcommittee on Digital Assets. We should tell him about Zcash and how important privacy is for every human. What do you think?

We can email him here: Contact | U.S. Congressman French Hill

Relevant article: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/13/house-republicans-move-to-regulate-crypto-with-new-subcommittee.html


I think that most normal people don’t care about privacy.
I think that Zcash has effectively lost its competitive advantage it once had.
I think that the Zcash ecosystem is a dysfunctional mess with broken wallets and spam issues.
I think it’s telling that key employees of ECC/Zcash have left and even some have requested funding of their own from ZCG (most likely because they can make more $$$ that way).
I think that 97% of the community grants are a joke.
I think that Zcash is centralized due to its corporate structure.
I think that most people don’t use Zcash for its intended purpose (shielded txns).
I think that the “community” that Zcash has is an echo chamber of bagholders.
I think that contacting a US politician isn’t going to save it.
I think that the market has priced in Zcash as a failure.

@pkr Appreciate your perspective and disagree entirely. I see a hyper focused project developing at a rapid pace. That said, high respect for speaking your mind.

WTR to French Hill, it’s my understanding Congressman Hill is pro-crypto and pro-privacy from what I have found online. Coinbase even rates Congressman Hill as “Pro-Crypto” in green. Have others heard otherwise?


Despite being around for over six years, Zcash has failed to live up to its initial promise as an alternative to BTC. I, personally, have given up on the project and come to appreciate the simplicity of BTC. The direction chosen by the powers that be who control Zcash’s fate is vastly different from what was once promised, making it hard to have hope in it.

The development of Zcash has been slow, with other teams using the zk technology for their own projects, while Zcash’s development lags behind (fixing syncing/spam issues and now working on wallets while at the same time multiple people are asking for $$$ for wallets).

The centralized structure of ECC and ZFND has sterilized the community leaving few to use the ZSAs when launched.

This hyper focus on US politics is also a distraction from the greater picture of crypto being global. I guess it’s ironic that Steven Smith recently left to go work for World Coin.

Investing in Zcash is a trap for unsuspecting investors, who may be lured in by the “epic story of Zooko conversing with Satoshi on a forum” but end up being left holding the bag. The forced meme of “privacy is normal” pushed by Joshua Swihart and other proponents only adds to the illusion of a viable investment, when in reality it is a poor choice.

The poor performance of Zcash’s price action during bull markets is an undeniable fact that cannot be ignored. This poor performance makes it a questionable investment choice and raises the question of why anyone would continue to support a project that essentially functions as a charity.

P.S. How have you been here since 2016 and are still this stoked on this project?

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@pkr I see strength where you see weakness.

Indeed, I have been a member of this forum since 2016 and yet I remain an even stronger supporter of Zcash today than ever before. The reason is simple: the success of this project is critical to provide a non-government-sponsored currency option to the world, especially for those who reside in countries where there are little to no civil liberties or freedoms. To be clear: this takes time; and while you may feel fatigued as an investor and participant in the project, I feel invigorated. I will be here in 2026, 2036, 2046, 2056 and until I pass away because failure is not an option.

WTR to Zooko Wilcox and every single developer and employee of the three Zcash focused organizations, I believe these people are international treasures who should be respected and honored for putting everything they have on the line to deliver both Zcash technology and Zcash the currency to the masses to ensure personal freedom.

You’re done, I get it; and I say this with respect and kindness: sell your bag and move on. Just remember that there are folks like me who genuinely believe Zcash is just getting started.

Be well and thank you for this exchange.


Ok, Zooko, I mean NimmyNims. Good luck with your project.

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@pkr I’m not Zooko but I am admirer of him, and the entire Zcash community of developers and participants.

With the exception of that snarky comment, I genuinely wish you well.