[WTS][EU] Rig 2800 Sol/s 6 x Nvidia Gtx 1070 G1 Gaming 1000W-power consumption

Hi guys like the announcement says wts a super high end and super stable rig :smiley:

Rig specifications:

1 x H81 Pro BTC MB
1 x Adata 8 GB of Ram
1 x G1840 processor
1 x 120Gb Kingston SSD
6 x USB risers latest Version 007
1 x EVGA 1300W G2 PSU
6 x Geforce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Edition -3 fans

All components have almost 2 years warranty,power consumption 1000W at 2840 Sol/s

Pictures Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

Pm with offers if u are interested min bid 3.5 BTC.

Thx for watching

Umm pardon… but you want (current market pricing (03/20/17 3:24am est) of btc $1,019.00 usd) roughly $3500.00 minimum…

I’m running 7 fury x’s, with a custom case/rig, currently getting 3573 sol’s (claymore 12.4), and brand NEW my cost was less than your’s which is, not new.

There was honestly no positive reason for me to comment other than in total sticker shock and insomnia. Good luck on selling your equipment.

I know I have Fury rigs also Nvidia are more expensive cards with less power consumption ur rig consumption is at least 1600W-1700W so we talk about 2 different things