For Sale: 2700-2800 sol/s mining rig

I custom build mining rigs with x6 GTX1070 GPUs.

With the latest version of EWBF’s miner you can expect 2450 sol/s on stock cards.
I was able to achieve stable 2700-2800 sol/s on my rig after overclocking the cards. As you know OC is a lottery, however the fact that i OCed 6 cards to roughly the same frequencies makes me believe that you’ll be able to achieve similar results.

Components will be preassembled and will require minimal effort to put togeather after shipping.
I’ll provide instructions and guidance to get you going.
All components are brand new and covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

There will be no extended support offered.

Cost including shipping is $3300. (May slightly change depending on the components cost)
Shipping to continental US only.
Shoot me an email at if interested.