Your NOT so daily 1080TI profit report


For most, gpu mining equihash is a losing game right now.


Most precisely, it would be revenue, not profit, since electrical costs are not factored in here.

That being said, thanks for keeping up with the numbers. It has been bizarrely entertaining watching the plane circle the ground.


Even ASIC ROI is more than a year already.
and difficulty is keep flying high…
If Zcash price not coming up, even ASIC is not profitable soon.
The only winner will be manufacturer only…
so sad…


I wanted to place an update on per day profit due to the current market (as of 11/27/18) and maybe for historical perspective.
Disclaimer: GPU numbers are from what to Mine based on my memory and their stats. I no longer have any GPU’s.

This post is for information only, please do not post your thoughts and opinions about what caused this or why. There are other places here on the forums to vent.

Interesting note Whattomine no longer list’s EquiHash under GPU tab, ASIC tab only!

11/27/2018 the numbers are:
(Stock settings!!)

Profit for 1080TI (before electric) - Zec $0.12 (after power Negative $0.26)

Profit for 1080TI (before electric) - top two coins for the day

RavenCoin - $0.71 (X16R) (after power $0.34)
BitCoinDiamond - $0.67 (BCD) (after power $0.31)


Z9 Mini ASIC based on 12.5K

NiceHash - EquiHash $1.95
ZEN $1.82
ZCL $2.03
ZEC $2.16
BitCoinPrivate (BTCP) $1.90

Z9 ASIC based on stock 40.8k H/s

NiceHash - EquiHash $6.40
Horizon ZEN $5.96
ZCL - $6.70
ZEC - $7.08
Komodo (KMD) $6.35
BitCoinPrivate (BTCP) $6.24

Power cost for ASIC’s ranged from USD $0.25 to $0.39 per day