YWallet 1.3.6


  • Bug fix Orchard spending on Android 32-bit
  • Auto hide balance setting
  • Customizable block explorer
  • Improved snackbar
  • Don’t use memo as subject anymore
  • Tweak main account display
  • Optimize sync history
  • Show FX rate when balance is hidden
  • Save server and block explorer selection to DB
  • JSON → flatbuffers
  • Rebase librustzcash
  • Archlinux pkgbuild
  • Flutter 3.7.7
  • Fix Crash on UA/O, zview
  • Fix reinit when no network
  • Fix contact resolver against UA
  • Fix display of tx item
  • Fix missing address when empty memo
  • Fix scan taddrs
  • Fix switch account not updating price chart



  • BIP 39 + 1 extra word
  • Merge flatpak/appimage builders
  • Add Contact buttons
  • Diversifier Addresses by time
  • Bug fixes

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@hanh i think i found a bug in the mobile version of 1.3.6 where i tried to pool transfer from orchard to transparent pool, but it didnt work. A tx and fee went through but the zec just stayed in orchard

Please open a bug in the project repo. GitHub - hhanh00/zwallet: Zcash and Ycash light shielded wallet

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