Ywallet release live broadcast - Sun 12 Feb at 00:00 UTC

and here’s the changelog:

NU-5 / Orchard

  • Warp Sync support for Orchard
  • Seamless account migration from previous versions
  • Sapling & Orchard Transaction Builder
  • Privacy-oriented Transaction Optimizer
  • Minimum Privacy Blocker
  • Pool Transfer Page
  • Offline Signer (recommended for high value usage scenarios)


  • Multi receiver UA
  • UA Receiver Selection
  • Sapling/Orchard merged accounts
  • Unified Viewing Key
  • Unified Diversified Addresses
  • Unified Payment URI
  • Contacts with UA

Batch Backups

  • Strongly Encrypted with state of the art PK/SK encryption
  • Saves every ZCASH & YCASH account
  • Saves synchronization data
  • Compatible between devices & portable between platforms
  • Upward compatible
  • Recoverable with third-party open source tools


  • Pre-flight Transaction Report
  • Import QR code from image
  • Export QR code to PNG

UI Framework

  • Upgrade to Flutter 3.7.x
  • UI Revamp: Material UI 3
  • Per coin settings


  • Universal DMG for MacOS (Intel & Apple chips)
  • Android build without Google Play and Google Services.
    • Runs on FDroid, GrapheneOS, LineageOS, etc.
    • Recommended version for a hardware signer
  • AppImage added
  • Github Auto-builder for all platforms (except iOS)
  • CI Auto publish to Google Play

Since it’s a rather large list, I’ll do a live podcast on youtube to answer any questions.

Please feel free to post them here.


Thank You, @hanh !


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Congrats @hanh! Well done and thank you! :partying_face: :clap:

Thanks to this Ywallet update (and Zingo), from today we will be actively promoting the use of unified addresses in the Zcash en Español community to adopt this new privacy standard.


I installed the new update, synced the wallet and when I try to open it again it won’t open. Any solution? @hanh

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The preferable way is to open an issue ticket on github: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


There’s also the discord. Worst case you have to restore, Ive had to restore accounts from seed in ywallet and even that really doesn’t take that long at all

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I could install the latest version on laptop but not on iOS. It’s still 1.2.16 in the App Store. Am I missing something ?

The official release is currently awaiting review by the Apple Store.

1.3.0 will be the right version number then. Though it is just a version bump from the latest 1.2.17