YWallet 1.4.0

Desktop release only

  • Icons indicate the account type (sapling, cold, ledger)
  • Zcash is the default currency
  • Support for Ledger hardware wallets (NanoS, NanoS+, NanoX). See doc for more info

Awesome to see Zcash default.

Congratulations, this is great! I just tested it and it works :slight_smile:

I had two crashes though, the first time my Ledger got locked before sending the tx so that was probably the reason. The second time it crashed just after the tx was sent (it did work). Is there a log I can submit to help debug it? (I’m on Ubuntu 22.04, NanoS+)


This error on windows, tried with both Nano X & S Plus

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Have you side loaded the ledger app? It is not yet available on Ledger live and you may be using their old app.

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If you are using Linux and the app image, there is an issue with playing sounds. Try disabling sound effects in the settings.


Thanks for adding the sound off option :+1:

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So, still no way to use ledger+ywallet for users right?

Users can sideload. It doesn’t require any dev skills.

Is it safe?

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The guide is linked in the first post. Security considerations are also there.