Z-address to Z-address transfer coins never arrived

I sent coins to a z-adress of https://www.privateinternetaccess.com and during the payment process the status after the payment changed to “payment notified, waiting for confirmations”. 24 hours later they say they still didnt receive the coins.

Is there any way to prove that I have sent coins from my Z address to theirs?

I used the official zcash-cli for the transaction (fully synchronized) and after checking the operation it also stated ‘success’.

I used the following commands:

echo $ZADDR
echo $FRIEND //make sure the values were saved in the environment variable correctly

zcash-cli z_sendmany “$ZADDR” “[{“amount”: AMOUNT, “address”: “$FRIEND”}]”

zcash-cli z_getoperationresult // check if the operation was successful and it stated “success”

Have you contacted privateinternetaccess.com?

Yes, they say they haven’t received it. I have to say that the “support assistent” to whom im talking doesnt seem to be technically gifted…
The only information I have is “there is no account yet”

The fact that the transaction was successfully created and sent doesn’t necessarily imply that it was mined into the block chain. Can you check the transaction id on a block explorer?

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It was a Z to Z transfer and afaik those are not visible on the blockchain, please correct me if im wrong

The transaction is visible; just the payment information (amounts, addresses, memo fields) is encrypted.

How can i find it then?

Is the transaction id shown by zcash-cli listtransactions?

I had installed https://github.com/TheTrunk/zcash-swing-wallet in the meantime and when i click on one of my Z addresses it says that private Z addresses are not openly viewable on the blockchain.

No I just checked for the exact amount I sent and it is not included in the output of zcash-cli listtransactions

Is the balance of the source z-address (according to your wallet) as you would expect if the transaction went through, or as you would expect if it didn’t?

The money is definitly gone (not on any of my wallets).

When I had done the transaction it mustve been registered in some way on the destination account as during the payment process the site gave the information as per this screenshot:

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OK, that indicates that the transaction made it to the mempool of Private Internet Access’ node.

However it still may not have been mined; we don’t have enough information to tell, yet.

The following two possibilities are the most likely:

  • the transaction was mined (but for some reason listtransactions isn’t showing it);
  • the transaction was not mined, and your wallet still has the funds but you’re hitting a bug that causes them not to be included in the calculated balance (probably https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues/1962 ).

If it is the latter problem, you can see it by restarting zcashd with the -resync -rescan option. (It may take some time to finish resynchronizing with the chain.)

If zcashd -resync is the correct syntax then it just completed resyncing and it didn’t change anything (money is still not on any of my wallets)

Do you see a relevant transaction showing the amount you spent in the “Transactions” tab in the swing wallet UI?

Neither listtransactions or the Swing wallet will show fully shielded outgoing txs.

So is there a way for me to prove that I have sent those coins because apart from the Screenshot I have from the payment process that somewhat indicates that ‘something’ mustve happened on the receivers account because of the “awaiting confirmations” status I have nothing to prove that the coins were sent.

If you hadn’t enabled payment disclosure in advance then currently no it’s not possible to prove it.

All isn’t lost as it might still either be in your wallet and will be found or a mistake at the receiver’s end that can be remedied.

What exactly do you mean with this?