Equihash mining on CPU?

My question is can I mine Zcash on CPU, I have a CPU with 750 h/s, according to cryptocompare I can make $8+ daily with this hash rate, I want to know 750 h/s is equal to Sol/s or not?

If now then what would be 750 h/s in Sol/s if I mine Zcash?

First, you should read the reviews about that site, and IMO stay away.

Second, no you will not and can not make $8 + a day cpu mining, with a GPU (1080ti) you can make about $4.50 to $6.50 a day @ current pricing mining zcash, more with other alt coins

1080ti and my 20 core Cpu has the same hash rate.

i would really enjoy seeing a picture/screenshot of that and to know what software you are using to cpu mine.


I’m using NiceHash currently, but want to mine Zcash it give me more profit on that hash rate. But I don’t know if h/s is same as equal to Sol/s