Does anyone know a good Point of Sale app?

Hello there,

I can’t find a clear and simple enough point of sale app that would allow small businesses to accept easily cryptocurrencies.

A concrete example:
I want to sell a beer for ZEC over the counter: I push on “beer” button, the push “finish”, the final sales price shows up with QR code. Customer pays, Seller gets notified.

A basic accounting system would be great, as simple as : how many items where sold, in a csv…

I see a lot of focus on wallets, but easing commercial transactions would probably be as important a the wallets…

If not existing yet, any chance this idea could somehow get funded ?

Hi @den, sorry I missed this thread. Yes, there is a PoS system called Anypay (

They have several stores in the New Hampshire area already using the system, and they are in the process of seeking funding for this round of Foundation Grants that could boost thier Zcash acceptance:

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