[z-ZOMG] Bounty Ethereum smart-contract

Background: Truly pseudonymous contributors & ZOMG

First, a bit of housekeeping.

We need a name for this thing, even if temporary. As all we need is to recreate the fundamentals, but more secure, maybe let’s think of the current ZOMG as t-ZOMG, and the new one as z-ZOMG.

To the question of whether a multisig on Zcash or smart contract on Ethereum is better, the multisig is not going to let us update the keys every time a new member is elected / removed. Also, as z-ZOMG grows we’ll probably want more out of this smart contract, so we might as well start on the platform where this will most likely end up.

Which brings me to the post main objective:

We need a smart-contract on Ethereum that only accepts RenZEC (and ETH to pay for transactions), and needs confirmation from two out of three members to spend those RenZEC tokens.

Who would be willing to build this smart contract and how much would you estimate is fair to compensate you for the work?


I will add some funds to @stickyplot’s investment into the bounty. Also, maybe try posting it to community collaborations board, with some references of need from the previous thread?


Can create a multisig easily with https://gnosis-safe.io/

Contracts are well tested, and also gives u nice UI.

Caveat: you will be able to deposit all ERC20s in the contract, but this probably shouldn’t be big issue.


Notes on contract requirements.

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This idea is great, i can contribute time, but not cash.
Although i’m not a dev so can’t actually build any of it.
I definitely need to learn to code!

Agreed the designations of t-ZOMG and z-ZOMG are perfect

Seems like the RenZEC Ethereum smart contract is the way to go for the time being

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