Z9 Full sized questions

Wondering if anyone on here would know of the best place to sell off a few of my full sized Z9s and what fair used price would be? Is 700ea too much? I checked ebay and they seem to be listed on there between 800 and 1200… Don’t wanna go through ebay though as I do not care for their sellers fees… Any input is greatly appriciated!

Ebay is usually the safe place for all parties… and you will get 700 or more with a full Z9 with PSU

Then there is the ebay fee and then the paypal fee… I’ve sold a couple recently for 1120.00, hope that helps

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So 3000. 00 for all 4 shipped is under cutting myself then?

you’ll sell them quick and pocket about 2500 after all fee’s

edit… when you ship make sure you do signature required and insure for 599.00 USPS… that way you verify delivery and some recovery if damaged

Well thank you for the reply. Was gonna try the minerswap subreddit to avoid ebays sellers fees PayPal 3% is unavoidable though.

That’s where my crypto interest started.