Zc-wait-to-stop process name in v5.1.0

Hi, After upgrading from v5.0.0 too v5.1.0 I’ve noticed that the daemon (i.e. viewed from top or ps) changes name from zcashd to zc-wait-to-stop after a few minutes then stays like that. The deamon continues to run indefinitely, verifying new blocks as normal.

Seems to be related to a shutdown call, as referenced here:

…but not clear why the shutdown doesn’t proceed. The host is low on spare resources so I might expect the OS to kill the process but the rest of the behaviour is unexpected.

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This was me misunderstanding the effect of renaming the main thread. I presumed that all threads would be treated equally underneath the process, and made this change to improve debugging crashes (since after this point the only thing the main thread does is “wait for the node to shut down”). However, it turns out that the main thread is what gets used for naming the process in various tools, rather than the process name. There’s a PR open to fix this, which will be in the next release.


I see! Thanks for the explanation and prompt reply.

I have a monitoring script which is why I noticed it - the script thinks the process has terminated. I’ll leave it and wait for the next release package. Thanks again!