Zcash4win problem

OLD version error with deamon is taking longer than expected to start…

After trying start strong sync i see this error:
PS C:\Program Files\zcash4win\app> .\zcashd.exe -daemon=1 -showmetrics=0
Error: This version has been deprecated as of block height 209812. You should upgrade to the latest version of Zcash. To
disable deprecation for this version, set -disabledeprecation=1.0.10-1.

installed to new version but not work
deamon is taking longer than expected to start… same message.
new version is zcash-cli.exe

I uninstall in completely and reinstall also not work.
please help…

please post the last 100 or so lines of %AppData%\Zcash\debug.log

I use Jaxx.io send 0.4 ZEC to other ZEC wallet.
and now the Zcash4win work again…
I can’t believe Jaxx.io fee is over 0.008 ZEC…
but it make the Zcash4win wallet work again…

Do you know the reason why?

This is also happening in the windows world.

Anyone else having issues?

I have been trying to repair mine all morning, so far no go.

I backed up my wallet.dat file, and the directories.
Uninstalled the old version
downloaded version 12 and installed.

Now my start bar does not work, and avg quarantined an item. So far no go.


Any thoughts here?

Ok, for some reason anti virus is thinking zcashd.exe is a virus file. Anyone know what this thing is doing to trigger anti virus?

I added mine to the exception list, just dont like doing that.
After this, zcash4win runs fine with the new version.

its because I don’t have a corporate code signing certificate to sign it with long sigh

its a problem with quite a few cryptocurrencies wallets…there are even anti-virus/malware system that flag anything containing a wallet.dat file as a virus!!! which is nuts, but they picked up the association because of Bad Things looking for them and their use by ransomware

Ah that makes sense. I got it working and I appreciate your efforts as a programmer. I don’t have that skill one iota :slight_smile:

I wonder if @lubu is having the same issue.

if there are a lot of inputs to a transaction it may take a long time to be mined unless it has a higher than default fee…

also, jaxx has quite a few bugs in their zcash implementation, not sure if that has anything to do with it. such as coins i spent months ago that it thinks are still in the wallet, which is nuts…which made me unable to spend OTHER coins in my jaxx zcash wallet, since it kept trying to spend the already spent ones first. fortunately you can export private keys from it, which i then imported into zcash4win

but yeah a 0.008 ZEC fee is nuts

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I also updated to the new version last night and its stuck at 44.42%. When it opens it has a error after a while saying it cant connect to the server or something like that. Below is part of my log. Any ideas?

2017-12-20 16:33:31 socket recv error An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (10054)
2017-12-20 16:33:32 keypool reserve 2
2017-12-20 16:33:32 keypool return 2
2017-12-20 16:33:37 receive version message: /MagicBean:1.0.81/: version 170002, blocks=240148, us=, peer=2
2017-12-20 16:33:37 Added time data, samples 2, offset +0 (+0 minutes)
2017-12-20 16:33:42 Loading addresses from DNS seeds (could take a while)
2017-12-20 16:33:42 75 addresses found from DNS seeds
2017-12-20 16:33:42 dnsseed thread exit
2017-12-20 16:34:38 UpdateTip: new best=000000005e3b5ddc19481b5e17c0554660cdc383e183eb0502397097dafb1830 height=106765 log2_work=49.435918 tx=533990 date=2017-05-02 00:24:29 progress=0.297512 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:33 UpdateTip: new best=00000000517b04ec38fc8e51de0218bfa4971a527b1c02316f93dc45c5312253 height=106766 log2_work=49.435936 tx=534039 date=2017-05-02 00:25:42 progress=0.297550 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:34 UpdateTip: new best=00000000651d2ce5b12ecd58b92047ee595ef27cde69e467b1ff5719a7aed46d height=106767 log2_work=49.435953 tx=534045 date=2017-05-02 00:27:42 progress=0.297556 cache=0.3MiB(17tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:34 receive version message: /MagicBean:1.0.13/: version 170002, blocks=240148, us=, peer=3
2017-12-20 16:35:34 Added time data, samples 3, offset -1 (+0 minutes)
2017-12-20 16:35:34 UpdateTip: new best=000000003cbed57bd57d300bc809b15b2c4083539d2023028eba40dd40c27cd4 height=106768 log2_work=49.435971 tx=534051 date=2017-05-02 00:30:35 progress=0.297562 cache=0.7MiB(39tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:34 UpdateTip: new best=0000000025253440ebc38f4d87076771df026d5ca6d934ba4c184b5bb42ea8b7 height=106769 log2_work=49.435988 tx=534054 date=2017-05-02 00:31:30 progress=0.297565 cache=0.7MiB(44tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:34 UpdateTip: new best=000000002dab36f5904541ece4ea601526b637e9eb24e7210de297c4698e8622 height=106770 log2_work=49.436006 tx=534062 date=2017-05-02 00:34:32 progress=0.297573 cache=1.8MiB(90tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:34 UpdateTip: new best=0000000031b26129b4f462c987e8b90e384aca08e0ab1f24ac1d41973c942876 height=106771 log2_work=49.436022 tx=534063 date=2017-05-02 00:35:51 progress=0.297574 cache=1.8MiB(91tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:35 UpdateTip: new best=0000000011df16f4daf785bc34b8c90b0f22d1814585f50cd09208d50c9b0d71 height=106772 log2_work=49.43604 tx=534072 date=2017-05-02 00:41:57 progress=0.297585 cache=2.6MiB(128tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:35 UpdateTip: new best=000000003680c1318c8db96e9cccd7104c0d87a78f641b7ccf941983ccf6663e height=106773 log2_work=49.436057 tx=534078 date=2017-05-02 00:44:08 progress=0.297591 cache=3.7MiB(147tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:35 UpdateTip: new best=000000002dd3d0eba99f3493fb67138aa0bf459f851912070d9652cf41fcc520 height=106774 log2_work=49.436074 tx=534080 date=2017-05-02 00:45:24 progress=0.297593 cache=3.7MiB(151tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:35 UpdateTip: new best=000000002bb10d5efff1050db662ba49d82f799618718a133328600e055dabe9 height=106775 log2_work=49.436092 tx=534081 date=2017-05-02 00:45:25 progress=0.297594 cache=3.7MiB(152tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:35 UpdateTip: new best=000000005795e6f3ee603a0b2a2c853a253c5b67ac5d0b645da5dc0ea7ac76d3 height=106776 log2_work=49.436109 tx=534083 date=2017-05-02 00:45:50 progress=0.297596 cache=3.8MiB(156tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:36 UpdateTip: new best=000000003bdd6dfbb97bc7322a46b846e759b4163c9cb9371605ec1cd4728fef height=106777 log2_work=49.436127 tx=534097 date=2017-05-02 00:51:15 progress=0.297610 cache=4.0MiB(175tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:36 UpdateTip: new best=0000000047bf81e47e59da09b8a147c441454a477f31e4f5f3bbc74733596453 height=106778 log2_work=49.436144 tx=534099 date=2017-05-02 00:51:44 progress=0.297612 cache=4.5MiB(182tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:36 UpdateTip: new best=000000003b46f31b957c991b32e61b4d2d2a5e3a888f0d6198e0928b49399544 height=106779 log2_work=49.436161 tx=534102 date=2017-05-02 00:53:11 progress=0.297615 cache=4.5MiB(186tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:36 UpdateTip: new best=000000004eb701f2b47bc4d4bb49b2df0f858b9e2313b18f488ba0443ee6eadb height=106780 log2_work=49.436178 tx=534105 date=2017-05-02 00:53:37 progress=0.297618 cache=4.5MiB(190tx)
2017-12-20 16:35:36 UpdateTip: new best=0000000046a5ca4814fec611995c7942db9c79c001b893925a1a2030abe11609 height=106781 log2_work=49.436195 tx=534106 date=2017-05-02 00:54:07 progress=0.297619 cache=4.5MiB(191tx)
2017-12-20 16:36:01 Pre-allocating up to position 0xb00000 in rev00017.dat
2017-12-20 16:36:30 UpdateTip: new best=0000000018eda2158e30928dc80e054a2d8db1aa0fa9b88851c9ce32ee9a1aba height=106782 log2_work=49.436213 tx=534166 date=2017-05-02 00:59:24 progress=0.297667 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:37:25 UpdateTip: new best=000000000291f150137797ee01dadce40e5c4b0e38d278759aa26c145c4046fc height=106783 log2_work=49.43623 tx=534228 date=2017-05-02 01:04:48 progress=0.297717 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:37:26 Pre-allocating up to position 0x5000000 in blk00017.dat
2017-12-20 16:38:28 UpdateTip: new best=000000001ac8622bcece77b3e533961d0bb66b5a7ca046bdf1547c2658235a1b height=106784 log2_work=49.436248 tx=534283 date=2017-05-02 01:04:08 progress=0.297758 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:38:53 Pre-allocating up to position 0xc00000 in rev00017.dat
2017-12-20 16:39:28 UpdateTip: new best=0000000027bde881c7dc9e08ab66b835c4458feeac97cdb3977c0fedd276251e height=106785 log2_work=49.436266 tx=534344 date=2017-05-02 01:05:52 progress=0.297805 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:20 UpdateTip: new best=000000006b4ab266904adc4e36008ca3906b9ea35cdcb9eb59fe52f12fc8cd14 height=106786 log2_work=49.436284 tx=534403 date=2017-05-02 01:07:24 progress=0.297851 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:20 receive version message: /MagicBean:1.0.13/: version 170002, blocks=240150, us=, peer=7
2017-12-20 16:40:20 Added time data, samples 4, offset -51 (+0 minutes)
2017-12-20 16:40:20 receive version message: /MagicBean:1.0.13/: version 170002, blocks=240151, us=, peer=8
2017-12-20 16:40:20 Added time data, samples 5, offset +0 (+0 minutes)
2017-12-20 16:40:20 nTimeOffset = +0 (+0 minutes)
2017-12-20 16:40:45 UpdateTip: new best=000000001367486ce45098897fcf9c7a33822e4160efeb8bbde15cfc77c4935b height=106787 log2_work=49.436302 tx=534438 date=2017-05-02 01:08:43 progress=0.297878 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:46 UpdateTip: new best=0000000021afa7de50f6c103f72c79fe5469a0d65920d8759c977ebca1f7887a height=106788 log2_work=49.43632 tx=534443 date=2017-05-02 01:11:12 progress=0.297883 cache=0.2MiB(8tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:46 UpdateTip: new best=0000000058a80b4391b0b8c87839d35ff34e8c016bac3c35cc8f74acab84ff1a height=106789 log2_work=49.436338 tx=534448 date=2017-05-02 01:13:28 progress=0.297889 cache=0.2MiB(20tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:46 UpdateTip: new best=000000006b25c777e319743e5bbfedcc3e576d46eb8e3c2182da62187b11731b height=106790 log2_work=49.436356 tx=534456 date=2017-05-02 01:16:27 progress=0.297896 cache=0.3MiB(29tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:46 receive version message: /MagicBean:1.0.13/: version 170002, blocks=240151, us=, peer=12
2017-12-20 16:40:46 Added time data, samples 6, offset +0 (+0 minutes)
2017-12-20 16:40:47 UpdateTip: new best=00000000219fc2e0481f8fcc0006967c7455867fdc37877a57a870a3d1a33875 height=106791 log2_work=49.436375 tx=534457 date=2017-05-02 01:16:40 progress=0.297897 cache=0.3MiB(30tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:47 UpdateTip: new best=0000000057eefc44042cb65f6fc4883d78bc2a13c961f030dee5b62f428e7c55 height=106792 log2_work=49.436393 tx=534459 date=2017-05-02 01:17:00 progress=0.297899 cache=0.3MiB(32tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:47 UpdateTip: new best=000000001b2457c22428dfe237e746e55980f66c5ff06dca8dbe88d51dac2d84 height=106793 log2_work=49.436412 tx=534460 date=2017-05-02 01:17:50 progress=0.297900 cache=0.3MiB(33tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:47 UpdateTip: new best=0000000004065c64101a285c971e784db3136e5c6c044e2cab89c04b513d805f height=106794 log2_work=49.43643 tx=534461 date=2017-05-02 01:18:26 progress=0.297902 cache=0.3MiB(34tx)
2017-12-20 16:40:48 UpdateTip: new best=0000000046d137fcaf3b59fdbcb9d49602603b8a627b7a1c0ee7a5ed65e6f879 height=106795 log2_work=49.436449 tx=534477 date=2017-05-02 01:27:54 progress=0.297920 cache=2.8MiB(166tx)
2017-12-20 16:41:12 Pre-allocating up to position 0xd00000 in rev00017.dat
2017-12-20 16:41:41 UpdateTip: new best=000000002cb27569276314d952e7e8156ac585638152345f4a4fccca6f3d1c58 height=106796 log2_work=49.436468 tx=534532 date=2017-05-02 01:29:55 progress=0.297962 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)
2017-12-20 16:42:20 UpdateTip: new best=0000000041bcf9498ab5323bfc002c2c46e08b415f5a176e5712c921d713d675 height=106797 log2_work=49.436488 tx=534581 date=2017-05-02 01:30:33 progress=0.298000 cache=0.1MiB(0tx)

where that log stops, it is syncing, and is at 49%…it looks like it is just taking its sweet time catching up

If I don’t have it running all the time, I try to fire it up at least every day or 2, which is a quick sync, and then it won’t get stuck taking forever

I’d just let it run, as long as those lines keep appearing every so often with new blocks, its still going

Thanks i will try that. Also i sent Zcash to it from Jaxx however i still dont see it. will that not show till its fully updated?

yeah it has to sync to the block height a transaction is at before it will show up

Had the same issue with zcash4mac. Fatal error, couldn’t fix it, but luckely i transffered the coins to my ledger wallet.
Now using JAXX as the recieving wallet, PERFECT! Never will use zcash4mac again…

to be honest, zcash4win is better than jaxx.io
When you have tried to use it you should find it is better.
especially if you use the wallet for mining purpose as jaxx.io have bug when you have too many input…

I have found the anti-virus issue too.
problem solved but I am not sure it is related to use new version jaxx.io send out zec or I put zcash4win in avast excluded scan directory… but end up it worked!

1.) I send out all zec from jaxx.io
2.) I put a zcash4win in excluded scan list in avast
3.) then I uninstall and reinstall new version zcash4win.

and I found out jaxx.io transaction fee is crazy high!!! which is 0.008 wile zcash4win is 0.0001

jaxx.io not honest too.
the balance show out in jaxx.io NOT the real actual balance you have.
it did now show out the fee which it charged from you.
from photo attached you can see my balance show in jaxx.io is not mach in zcash4win.
the fee which it charged zec 0.00842179 charged but not show in jaxx.io