Zcalssic wallet

i have question if i was mining zcash but i had enter my zclassic wallet address
i use c-cex.com wallet and they have only zclassic wallet

they are completely different chains… won’t work. unless I do not understand. You are trying to mine zcash to a zclassic wallet?

Only if the two chains in question use a different scheme for their keys. You can certaily generate your own bitcoin keys, without using bitcoin and send a transaction to that key. Zclassic copied everything else from zcash, you might be able to produce valid keys in zclassic to be used on the zcash network.

In fact it would make sense that they use the same keys. If you mined to a zclassic address then you could have valid zcash coins on that address that could be spent on the zcash network. The block chain of zclassic would not record this but you could still use that key for zclassic