Zcash and Whonix = in love?

Hi there,

im TNT BOM BOM from Whonix community , we believe Zcash has a great future with protecting user privacy. So i was wondering what is Zcash perspective on Whonix an anonymous OS as we are seeking the same vision on user privacy/security/anonymity?

Have anybody tested zcash+whonix? if not, i would really be happy to post your installation experience here , just the basic things something similar to Electrum. (Wiki accept anonymous & registered editing so its your freedom choice)

if have faced any problems, please let us know.

Thank You. :blush:


Hi @Whonix thank you for the introduction and thank you for sharing your project. I have an anonymity-focused Zcash project and so your post caught my attention.

I have a question about whether Whonix can support my use case. I have a personal server that runs a Debian based OS (Ubuntu). I would like to Torify all the traffic on the server, but not necessarily run my programs as hidden services.

Would I be able to install and use Whonix from the command line interface with this server and configure it so that all my programs currently running in Ubuntu run in Whonix instead?

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i posted my answer on PrivateBen , because i cant inset more than 2 links per post according to the forum policy. you can copy/paste here if you like to see in its nice shape :wink: .

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Thank you for your answer. Reposted here so it doesn’t get lost:

yes you can do that either by using Qubes with Whonix+Ubuntu installed inside it. or you can achieve that with any virtualization machine like vbox,kvm,physical isolation.

Though, i recommended against using Ubuntu in order to have security while using Ubunu the spyware distro which made by the horrible company canonical (the other face of microsoft). so you can have these derivatives instead:

  • use Whonix Workstation which is based on Debian as well.
  • or use Trisquel if u want something copycat from Ubuntu but with libre software (no privacy violation)
  • or just use plain Debian.

i didnt get that very well, you can read whonix documentations and read how is whonix designed:

Thank you for the link about Ubuntu. I remember reading about that when the scandal first broke, and remember that Canonical eventually backed down and turned off the “Spy” feature by default. I agree that it is quite bad that they still include it in Ubuntu at all. Ubuntu just happens to be the OS that my Bitseed node comes with. I will send a reminder to Bitseed about this bad business practice by Canonical. Maybe Bitseed can switch to using a more ethical OS.

I will read through the Whonix documentation and the other links you shared to see if it can work for my use case. Just based on a quick glance I think it can.

Regards, dp