Zcash bep20 promotion,Please check my difficulty

The following is an e-mail sent to the zec Foundation. If there was a situation like me or someone who solved it, please give me advice. It’s a very important question for me.
The z-Cash Foundation introduces this community and posts it.

Hello, I’m writing to check with the zcash manager and the center for clearer information due to some questions and incomprehension about the zcash bep20 promotion. I’m currently doing the “bep20” promotion in the official Telegram and I also participated in the bonus promotion. At first, I used a Binance wallet, but I didn’t get a proper bonus, and while talking to the manager, I got a recommendation for a trust wallet and installed it, and I got a z-cash that I first purchased as a trust wallet.

However, the coin was moved from the trust wallet to Binance, but the transaction was completed in the wallet, but there was no deposit details in Binance. I inquired with Binance, but they were told not to move the coin to their side because it was not on their list, and the coin they sent was submitted after receiving an answer that they would find the coin and deposit it back to the address they sent.

The problem was that when I told the manager about this, he said he had to activate the trust wallet and participate in the promotion again with 10bnb to do so. I was forced to participate again, but the wallet was still not activated, and I sent zcash back to another wallet in the bep20 chain just in case, but no wallet was deposited.

Eventually, I restored the trust wallet thinking it was a wallet problem, and the details of the bep20 zcash completely disappeared. The manager recommended installing another wallet, and I installed a safepal wallet, and this time, I have to activate it again, sending 15bnb to participate in the promotion again. There are three things I’m curious about.

First, why is the amount of bnb participation different to activate the wallet?

Second, is there only Binance with the step20 chain that can sell zcash with this promotion?

Finally, the most important thing is, if even this third attempt of mine doesn’t work properly and doesn’t activate, can you return the bnb I participated in to me. This is not my fault. If I can’t do anything because it’s not activated, I’m just losing my money. I did it 3 times a day. The manager did not give a clear answer to this.

While believing in the future of zcash and continuing to buy, I thought it was a good promotion, so I participated. But if this problem is not solved, I will have a number of complex problems.

Please give me a clear answer so that I don’t lose money so I can understandably. I’ll be waiting for your answer.

Thank you for reading the long comment.

Unfortunately I have some bad news for you.

There is no “Zcash bep20” promotion, and there is no “official Telegram” ran or hosted by the Zcash Foundation. It seems you have been the victim of a scam designed to cheat you out of your Bnb tokens.

Zcash Token (ZEC) ERC20 Token Smart Contract | Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

Someone made a fake “Zcash Token” on Binance chain and tried to sell it to you as real Zcash. There are similar fake “Zcash tokens” on Ethereum, none of them are real Zcash

Zcash is not a token, Zcash is not on Binance chain, Zcash is not on Ethereum chain

Zcash is it’s own independent network with full nodes, codebase, mining, etc…


This is what’s known as an “advance fee” scam the attacker sets up a legitimate sounding situation/telegram and requests funds first to give your funds.

This happens a lot in email scams with: “You have inherited $1M USD, all you have to do is send us $5k transfer fee to get it!” And of course, after you send the “fee” you never get the money.

Unfortunately this means your Bnb funds are lost and likely cannot be recovered. You may try appealing to an exchange if you can trace the tokens there, but that would probably be your only slim chance.


​Thank you for your answer. But is this a real scam? Below is the announcement currently being made in the G-Cash Telegram community room, and there are 60,000 members. I truly believed this. The managers in this community room are also people who have nothing to do with zcash? So all these people are being scammed? I joined this community knowing it as a zcash official telegram. I’m so embarrassed. Have you ever known or heard of what they are announcing below? Is the zcash official community the only community known by the foundation?

ZCASH Promo Sales.

Partake and help grow the ZCASH Project. You get minimum 11% Bonus on participation.

Need more ZCASH? We’ve got you covered. Our best selling candles are 11% off TODAY. :astonished: This offer is valid for 95,000 BNB only. Participate in the promo sales program now!



5: BNB


1000: BNB





ZCASH purchase with the contract address is automatic, send BNB using the BEP20 (BSC) Network only✅

:point_right:Set Gas Limit: 100,000
:point_right:Gwei: 300

:point_right:Let’s Grow the ZCASH project while you earn.

Smart Contract Address:

:point_right: 0x7b747807c9123262fe73A2e96aea429cE09F253d

:point_right: 0x7b747807c9123262fe73A2e96aea429cE09F253d

:point_right: 0x7b747807c9123262fe73A2e96aea429cE09F253d

Currently, there are two tokens in the safepal wallet, and they say they need 15 bnb to activate them. Are you sure all of these are scams?

Hi @Winner, yes most probably it’s scam. Zcash does not have any official Telegram channel and the community room managers there are not affiliated in any way to Zcash. Please beware out there.

This community is there, and it is a promotion held here. There are a lot of people who sent it to Binance to activate it, but are they all fraudsters? It’s so confusing.

It is easy to get fake members in Telegram.

If you want to buy ZEC, I would suggest legit exchange such as https://www.gemini.com/

The Telegram group t[dot]me/zcashcommunity_chat is likely a scam. I tried to join and send a reminder that Zcash is not a token on BSC, and I was immediately blocked. Be careful with the group @Winner

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Ah… Do you know that telegram? Then I think this is pretty much a scam. There’s no way that this community doesn’t know about the “bep20” promotion.

I was just forced out, too. I told them to be careful because it looked like scams, but they sent me off

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Always report such group so that others will not fall victim and the ecosystem will do what they can do to shot down does scam group.