Ledger Wallet jammed, how to back it up elsewhere using my 24 words?

Hey guys!

Ive been mining Zcash on Nanopool since August. Unfortunately I’ve been mining it on a Ledger Nano S.

Last time when I opened my ZEC wallet I sew the following error: “Your wallet may not be up to date as the last sync did not complete successfully.”

Long story short, my wallet froze and I can’t see any transactions for the past 20 days. I also can’t send or receive any transactions from it. Ledger support has proven to be quite useless in this case, that’s why I am looking for help here.

Can someone guide me through the process of synchronizing my wallet elsewhere?
Thanks in advance!

make sure you have your keyword passphrase!!!, reset your ledger to factory or buy a new one, insert your passphrase and you’re off to the races

I got 2 Ledger wallets and already tried that. Didn’t work :confused:

and both ledgers have been updated to the current firmware for zcash?

Do you know how many transactions you had before it started doing this? It would be helpful for the rest of us to not send too many transactions to the Ledger.

I don’t know of other wallets that use 24 word seeds. The ones I have seen are less than that. Can you send the wallet to Ledger and have them recover it? Did you use the same wallet address each time for mining? It should be easy for them to check it and recover if you did. This is the problem with hardware wallets. No way to sweep the key to get your coins out when this happens.

Ok, so I used BIP 39 Mnemonic Code Converter, entered my 24 words and got a list of 100+ addresses with their private keys. Every time I clicked on “RECEIVE” in my ledger menu it generated another address. Right now I got 40+ wallets with 0.03 to 0.5 zec in them as well as one bigger wallet that Nanopool was paying me at.

In the past 6 hours I’ve been importing zec private keys on zec4win(which takes like 10-15 min per address) and now I have access to most of the tiny bits of my ZEC(it’ll take a few more hours to import all)

What I gotta do then is send all of it to one address, reset one of my ledgers and use it as a vault. Ledger is not a wallet…it’s a vault, don’t send/receive daily transactions with it because this could happen with any cryptocurrency. I learned from my mistakes and from now on will mine only to software wallets.

You only had 40 or so deposits? Is there a link to a guide that shows how to do this?