"zcash-cli listtransactions" shows received funds, but wallet.dat staying same size?

Hello, I am brand new to mining and literally got everything set up last night. I followed the Zcash documentation on Github, making a t_address and z_address, and downloading the initial blockchain.

I’ve been mining using EWBF on Arch Linux, using the MiningPoolHub Zcash pool. Everything seems fine, MiningPoolHub has been crediting me with the work completed and everything.

I decided to cash out today in order to see how it all works (it’s only like $1.50 lol). I backed up my wallet.dat file to an external drive. I then started the cash out process, which apparently was successful. Running “zcash-cli listtransactions” shows the funds sent to me.

However, this is where I am confused. Shouldn’t my wallet.dat file size get larger if I receive funds? Or does it just change the values inside of the wallet.dat file? Both my wallet.bak file (copy from before transaction) and my wallet.dat file are 98.3 kB in size.

Side question - since I am using a third party miner and mining as part of a pool, I haven’t been running “zcashd” beyond the initial installation requirements. However, in order to run the zcash-cli commands (like listtransaction, and the commands to show wallet addresses) require a zcashd node to be running. When I run zcashd in order to do that, it starts mining while I’m also mining using EWBF. Is it possible to just start the zcashd node for a few minutes so I can run zcash-cli commands?

fix your config so your node doesnt mine.

and the data of transactions is not in the wallet file, just the keys